CCM establishes a partnership in China

CCM’s global development plan is progressing rapidly and this is confirmed by the recent visit to Shanghai.

CCM Brasil coats the first DB supermarket

CCM Brasil has coated the floor in a new built DB supermarket in Brasil, a surface of 3.900m².

Liquid Glass Coating for mobile phone

Suitable for all brands and also „Edge“ mobile phones

Expansion into the Korean Transport Sector

CCM partners in South Korea (the Sevit organisation) have, after extensive trials,
started the coating of a range of surfaces on Korean trains.

Liquid Glass Training: Participants from 20 countries

The 9th International Liquid Glass Training has taken part in Cologne / Germany on May 23rd / 24th, 2016.
It was fully booked out with 40 participants from 20 countries.

CCM Partner “Supreme” at „Architect Expo“ in Bangkok

CCM’s exclusive partner for Thailand, Supreme Nanotech Co., Ltd. has exhibited for the first time at “Architect Expo”
in Bangkok . The event was held between April 26 and  May 1st.

Oeko-Tex® Standard is awarded to Textile/Paper Coating

The world famous Hohenstein Textile Institute In Bönningheim / Germany has certified CCM’s ALGT Plus
Liquid Glass Textile and Paper Coating.

CCM coated the „most sophisticated Petrol Station in Brazil“

CCM Brazil has coated the awarded “Most Attractive Petrol Station in Brazil” from Petrobras.

CCM at China Coat Exhibition in Shanghai

CCM has exhibited the first time at China Coat Show in Shanghai. The stand was located at the German Pavilion.
CCM was the only company at the fair showing Liquid Glass coatings and therefore the interest was huge

Essen Motor Show: CCM presents ceramic coating

The 20th Essen Motor Show has taken place in Essen/Germany. More than 500 exhibitors have shown
10 days sporty series automobiles, tuning, motor sport, classic cars and motorbikes.

130+ attendees from 8 countries at CCM in Bangkok

CCM GmbH and Supreme Nano Tech, CCM partner in Thailand, have presented CCM’s unique product
concept for the first time to a big number of companies in Thailand.

Crystalusion partner Nigel Lamb wins Red Bull competition

The team of CCM partner Crystalusion has been working with Nigel Lamb and has coated his MXS single seater
aircraft which he races in the Red Bull Air Race competition across the globe.

First Nano Shop opens in Prague

CCM partner Smart Nano opened the first Nano Shop in Prague / Czech.

Liquid Glass Training: Participants from 20 countries

The 7th Int. Liquid Glass Training in Cologne / Germany has ended. 40 participants from 20 countries have
learned in two days the basics of the technology and been honoured with a certificate.

Ceremony for the new production plant of CCM Brazil

CCM’s global expansion is continuing at a great pace and now “CCM Brazil” is part of the family.

CCM at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

More than 93,000 visitors from 200 countries attended the 2015 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona,
setting another new record for the mobile industry’s premier event.

Crystalusion – Are you dirty?

An average mobile device harbours more bacteria than a public toilet seat, as well as preventing bacteria
Crystalusion gives users a high level of protection from scratches and makes devices easy to clean.

Tram wagon of „Kasseler Verkehrsbetriebe“ coated

CCM partner MPC from Konken / Germany has coated the first tram wagon of „Kasseler Verkehrsbetriebe”
(Germany) with liquid glass.

Permanent Protector

Highly durable. Resistant to corrosion, abrasion and temperature (-90 to +700°C)

The Home of Liquid Glass

The Liquid Glass Factory

  • World leaders in the development, production and supply of Liquid Glass nano scale coatings
  • Supplier of leading brands and leading organisations on a global basis
  • High Quality – Made in Germany
  • 16 years experience

Liquid Glass coatings are based on the SiO² Liquid Glass Technology. This truly remarkable technology, allows the end user to protect industrial and domestic surfaces with a super durable coating of invisible, easy to clean glass.



ALGT & Liquid Glass

Solutions for several product sectors: auto, aviation, facilities, food, industrial, marine, med and now we have the next generation of coating.


LiquiGlas, Bacoban & Co.

LiquiGlas, Bacoban, Pedexan and Dexan are the consumer products with Liquid Glass technology.



BIOSATIVA is a stunningly effective cleaning product. It is an absolutely non-polluting, water-soluble fluid which is straw green in colour.

News & Press: Liquid Glass

CCM partner Eikin at Japey in Antalya

Partner |
Eikin Nano Uygulama Egitim Toptan Temizlik Ticaret Sanayi, CCM exclusive partner in Turkey, hat exhibited the first time at Japey exhibition in Antalya.
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CCM partner Kimbo at ECO Expo in Hong Kong

Partner |
Kimbo International Holding Limited, partner of CCM for the sales of Bacoban® long-term surface disinfection has exhibited at EXO Expo in Hong Kong from Oct. 16th-29th, 2016, which took part at Asia World Expo Exhibition Center.
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Liquid Glass Coatings for mobile phone

CCM GmbH is the worldwide leading manufacturer of mobile phone coatings on basis of liquid glass. CCM produces already for private label customers in more than 30 countries.
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